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QEII Lung Tumour Bank


The QEII Lung Tumour Bank was founded in 2005 by Dr. Drew Bethune, medical director of the Provincial Cancer Program and Dr. Zhaolin Xu, QEII lung pathologist, which is certified by the Canadian Tumor Repository Network (CTRNet). The Lung Tumour Bank was established by funding from the QEII Foundation and the generous support of a community of donors. Dr. Xu is the principal investigator and director of the tumor bank which has become one of the largest human lung tumor banks in the country. Dr. Xu’s research interest also includes lung cancer metastasis and early detection, lung injury and interstitial lung disease. Dr. Xu, who joined CE2C in 2018, has been collaborating with Drs. Graham Dellaire (Dalhousie University, Halifax) and Wan Lam (BC Cancer Agency, Vancouver), on molecular markers in lung cancer, including small non-coding RNAs and splicing kinases.

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