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Prostate Cancer and Arsenic Exposure


Cadmium, Arsenic and other metal exposures as determinants of prostate cancer in the Canadian Atlantic provinces​

Dr. Adisesh is leading a team analyzing the world's largest collection of toenails, all from Atlantic Canadians, to measure individual exposures to toxic metals that are known carcinogens and may cause prostate cancer. Within their collection of over 30,000 toenail samples, the team identified 149 prostate cancer patients with their team, using detailed health and lifestyle questionnaires that accompanied the initial sample collection. They are also following up new cases of prostate cancer in the participants. Using toenail samples of men with prostate cancer and identifying matching participants without cancer, the presence and concentrations of toxic metals (arsenic, cadmium, etc.) will be compared. This will tell us whether these toxic metal concentrations are a risk factor for the development of prostate cancer. The results will also inform decisions on suitable levels of environmental exposures to these metals in the future, such as drinking water, food, and soil, as well as indicate the degree of risk for groups of people or individuals. 

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