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CE2C Network Projects and Resources


One of the largest human lung banks in the country

Molecular classification of lung cancer based on gene mutational status has a significant impact on patients' clinical management that is considered as one of the new directions in modern oncology. Dr. Zhaolin Xu in collaboration researchers in throughout Canada is studying gene mutations in human lung cancer in correlation with pathologic characteristics of the tumor, clinical staging, responding to treatment and overall prognosis.


Environmental exposures as determinants of prostate cancer in Canadan

An initiative led by Drs. Linganatha Adisesh (University of New Brunswick, St. John) and Trevor Dummer (University of British Columbia, and head of BC Generations Project) is seeking to determine the effect of cadmium, arsenic and other metal exposures in determining the risk of prostate cancer in the Canadian Atlantic provinces


Nathalie Saint-Jacques.jpg

Building a framework for reporting cancer dynamics in Nova Scotia

Dr. Nathalie Saint-Jacques (Epidemiologist, Nova Scotia Cancer Care Program, NSHA; and Adjunct Professor, Dept. of Medicine, Dalhousie University, Halifax) studies the spatial and spatio-temporal dimensions of cancer-related outcomes within an environmental epidemiology framework. 

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