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Studying environmental exposures and cancer development.

Our Vision

The Canadian Environmental Exposures in Cancer (CE2C) is a network of research centres across Canada devoted to the study of environmental exposures and cancer development.

Latest CE2C News


CE2C members have reviewed genomics and epigenetics features in mesothelioma

CE2C publishes a collaborative study

The first CE2C meeting was held in Halifax, on October 3rd, 2019.

First CE2C annual meeting

CE2C members recently discussed oncogenetics of lung cancer induced by environmental carcinogens 

New CE2C-authored book chapter

Dr. Godarzi's research reveals a high level of failure (up to 99%) in measuring radon levels in a  five-day test.

CE2C scientist tackles on short-term radon testing

Dr. Goodarzi talked about "Radon in our homes: The science behind the danger"

CE2C scientist at TEDxYYC

CE2C Team Leader, Dr. Graham Dellaire, explain the risks associated with chronic exposure to radon and arsenic

Radio interview with CBC on Radon and Arsenic

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